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Setting Children on the Path to Lifetimes of Beautifully Healthy Smiles

Pediatric Dental Associates, P.C. offers comprehensive, quality children’s dentistry in a safe and kid-friendly environment.

Children’s early experiences have a major impact on their lives, and the lessons they learn can last well into adulthood. When it comes to caring for their teeth, it is important children learn that visiting the dentist is fun.

With positive, nurturing experiences, lots of useful education and encouragement, and gentle procedures, we establish comfort in the dental environment. Our patients grow up with healthy, happy smiles – and dedication to maintain their oral health, for life!

Specialized Dentistry for Infants, Children, Teens, and Children with Special Needs

Our pediatric dentistsDr. Eugene Litteken, Dr. Tamara Worthen, and Dr. Jon Lords – are highly educated, skilled, and experienced professionals.

Their post-doctorate pediatric dental residencies addressed the unique dental concerns of children’s teeth, gums, and mouths through all stages of development. Their training included working with special needs children, caring for dental injuries and emergencies, habitat counseling, and preventive care and nutritional concerns.

Beyond their extensive clinical abilities, our doctors are kind, compassionate, and very patient. They excel at connecting with kids, gaining trust and ensuring each little one feels safe, heard, and respected for the wonderful individual they are!

Our remarkable team shares the doctors’ dedication to professionalism, customer service, and positive dental experiences. Whether in the front office or the clinic, our team members are friendly, accommodating, and very adaptive!

Our office is filled with laughter: from our doctors, team, and our patients! We’re often found swapping jokes, attentively listening as a child tells us about their latest adventure or newest pet, or chatting about superheroes and princesses!

While we have a lot of fun we are serious about children’s dental health. We offer lots of useful, practical education, showing each patient how to keep their teeth and gums healthy, talking about good eating choices, and the importance of exercise. Along with parents and caregivers, we help children develop good dental hygiene habits, so they enjoy their teeth – and smiles – for life!

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Our Ardmore pediatric dental office welcomes children from south-central Oklahoma, including Ada, Durant, Duncan, and nearby communities.

The Pediatric Dental Associates doctors and team look forward to welcoming you and your young family to our dental family. We promise to care for your child gently, patiently, and always respectful of their emotional needs, as if they we our own little one! Learn more and schedule an appointment, today!

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